Hello! Welcome to my world, and thanks for your time. Let me tell you a little bit about what goes on in the mind of an adwoman. I’ve always had a passion for writing and for making people laugh. Not every project I’m tasked with can be humorous, but I try to infuse good vibes in everything I do. At the very least, my goal is to get people thinking.

I attended Syracuse University (YES it was c-c-c-cold!) and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising Design. Yes, I used to be a graphic designer. Until that fateful day I realized I was a far better writer and left the designing to the pros. Every once in a blue moon I’ll make a graphic comment to a designer, and every once in a green moon they’ll actually listen to me, usually followed by incoherent grumbling (but I do get an occasional “good catch!”).

Most of the nitty gritty you’ll find in my resume below, so I’ll sum it up like this: Good, strong, well-strategized copy is often your first and only chance to influence a potential consumer. Are you using the right words to advertise yourself or your company? Give it some thought. It matters.